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Opened to the public in 1897, Elizabeth Park is the horticultural park of the Hartford park system. Because of its gardens, it has been called the, “Flower of New England Parks.” The rose garden is the heart and soul of the park and is the first public rose garden in the country, opened in 1904.

When the city took over the estate from Charles Pond, as Elizabeth Park, there were already a large variety of trees and existing plantings. The city hired Swiss-born landscape architect Theodore Wirth to design the park. Using his training from his work in Paris and London, Mr. Wirth created a true botanical park with Victorian formal gardens, which comprise a large variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees with a country vista as a backdrop.

Elizabeth Park is 101 acres located in both West Hartford and Hartford, Connecticut. For over 100 years, the rose garden at Elizabeth Park has been an attraction for thousands of people each year. It is a major attraction for Hartford and Connecticut residents and is considered one of the major tourist destinations for national and international visitors.

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