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Rules and Regulations

When Charles Pond left his estate to the City of Hartford to become a public park, he wanted future generations to enjoy the beauty and quiet of nature to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The garden area of Elizabeth Park is a place to walk and enjoy the flowers, sit on a bench and contemplate, or feel the sun on your face on a perfect spring day.

We ask that our visitors follow basic garden etiquette and respect the gardens, the work that we do, and other guests. The Conservancy strives to provide a place of peace, beauty, and safety for the quiet enjoyment of our visitors. The park is a living museum, a collection of gardens for the study, culture, exhibition, and display of plants. We encourage our visitors to explore, enjoy, and be respectful.

Please …

  • Do not step or walk in the garden beds
    • Stay on grass and gravel paths
    • Do not walk stone walls or raised areas
  • Do not pick flowers, plants or seeds
    • We work hard to take care of the thousands of flowers
    • The flowers are for everyone to enjoy
    • Do not climb or damage trees
  • Do not play ball or Frisbee in the garden area
    • We have lots of open field space for recreation
  • Do not roller blade, skate, or skateboard on the grass
    • Use road for these activities, but please be careful of cars
  • Bike to park and get exercise
    • Bike along the paved roads only
  • Watch children closely and keep them safe
    • Teach them good garden etiquette
  • Deposit trash in designated receptacles
    • Do not litter. This is your park. Keep it clean
  • Park in designated areas only
    • We have two large parking lots
    • Park along roads where allowed
  • We love Pets!
    • Keep dogs on leash and under control at all times
    • Clean up after your pets
    • Do not keep pets in cars unattended
    • Keep pets out of the garden beds
  • We love Photographers!
    • Take as many photos of our park as you would like!
    • Do not step in garden beds to take photos
    • Post your park photos on our Facebook
    • Commercial photo shoots must register with city
  • We love Weddings!
    • Respect any wedding that is in the Garden
    • Temporarily avoid the wedding area until it is over
  • We love Artists!
    • Do not place easels or chairs in garden beds
    • We would love to see your painting. Post on our Facebook.
  • Picnic only in the designated picnic areas
    • No grilles, fires, alcohol, or portable radios
    • Groups over 50 people must secure a permit for a picnic or event
    • Contact the City of Hartford for permit
  • Do not feed the ducks and geese
    • Ponds are for reflection only
    • No wading, swimming, or fishing
  • Do not play loud music or radios
    • iPhones, iPods, and MP3 devices with headphones are permitted
    • Be considerate when using cell phones
  • No smoking in gardens, along trails, through fields, and in the woodlands
    • Smoking is not good for people, plants, or the environment
  • Do not solicit or distribute information
    • Respect the privacy of our visitors

Thank you for taking care of this beautiful community treasure.

Enjoy your visit!

For questions or information, please call: 860-231-9443, ext. 104
or email us:

Christine Doty
President and CEO

Kathy Kraczkowsky
Co-Director of Park Operations

Elizabeth Park Conservancy
1561 Asylum Avenue
West Hartford CT 06117
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Pond House Café
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