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Helen S Kaman Rose Garden

De 4 Ahwee & Company Steel Band Concert

A steel drum band accompanied by performances by stilt-walker Mellissa Craig and Island Reflections Dance Theatre.

    De 4 Ahwee & Co. is a steel band that features a lead tenor pan playing the melody, joined by two sets of double second pans - guitar pans that create harmonic accompaniment in lower registers. The steel band is supported by electric bass, and the rhythm is rounded out with drums and percussion.

    The band began as a four-member band (which is referenced in the name), but expanded in 2006 to a seven-member band. De 4 Ahwee & Co. performs different genres of music, including calypso, soca, reggae, gospel, latin, and R&B. The melodies from the past and present they perform for their audiences are delivered in such a way as to emulate the sounds of the Caribbean.