WTNH presented a video interview with Peter Winne, Elizabeth Park's Head Gardener, about the rose garden.

The oldest municipal rose garden in the United States is now in bloom at Elizabeth Park in Hartford.

The park has over 10,000 plants and 750 varieties of roses, according to head gardener Peter Winne. 

"We have the largest system of trellis arches in the country where we grow climbing, rambling roses over them," Winne said. 

"The cycle of taking care of roses really begins in late winter, early spring with pruning the roses," Winne said. "Then there's a lot of preparation to get the looking their best for June  when the roses become into peak blossom."

"They fade a little bit as the weather gets hotter in July, but here at Elizabeth Park we have lots of variety of repeat and perpetual blooming roses that will keep producing blossoms until the first hard frost in October."

Winne says the park gets visitors from all over the world.