We love seeing weddings in Elizabeth Park, whether they are in the historic Rose Garden, under the gazebo in the Perennial Garden, or in the lush green of the Shade Garden. The Park was intended for use by the public, and what better use can there be than to hold a wedding ceremony here.

If you are interested in having a wedding or taking wedding photos in the Park, apply online or fill out and return an application. The Elizabeth Park Conservancy does not manage the wedding application process. 

The Pond House Café, located within the Park, is a perfect place for a wedding reception. Elizabeth Park Conservancy receives a percentage of sales from the Pond House Café. Contact the Pond House Banquet manager to plan your special day. For further information, visit the Pond House Café website or call 860-231-8823.

Special Events in the Park

If you are interested in holding a special event in the Park, please contact Kylah Hudson at the City of Hartford to make a reservation, complete an application, and secure a permit. She can be reached at 860.757.9526 or at

The Elizabeth Park Conservancy does not manage the special events application process.