This building was formerly the Caretaker’s Cottage for the Park, and is a two-story, frame and gable roof house with twin chimneys. It is the only building here that existed during the lifetime of the Park donor, Mr. Charles Pond. Documentation suggests it was most likely built around 1875, making it the oldest building in the Park. Theodore Wirth moved the Caretaker’s Cottage from Asylum Avenue to its present location in 1898 when he created the Farmstead as the working center for the Park. 

Elizabeth Park Conservancy Staff

President & CEO
Christine Doty
860-231-9443, ext 102

Director of Park Operations
Kathy Kraczkowsky
860-231-9443, ext 103

Development Manager
Ann Drinan
860-231-9443, ext 101

Development Coordinator & Office Administrator
Kelly Nolen
860-231-9443, ext 104

Development Advisor                                                                                                                                Margaret Tilney

Head Rose Gardener & Deputy Director of Operations
Peter Winne                                                                                                                                      

Wesley Gage

David Rivera

Elizabeth Park Conservancy Consultants

Ellen Deutsch

Consulting Rosarian
Stephen Scanniello

Rosemary Aldridge

Horticulturist Emeritus

Robert A. Prill

Elizabeth Park Conservancy Board of Directors

Chair                             Ben Flynn
Vice Chair                     Edward Samorajczyk
Treasurer                      Joseph Coray                                                                                        Secretary                      M. Laurie Wasserstein
Asst. Secretary             Kelly Jarvis
Past Chair                     Charlie Ortiz
Current Directors 
                                      Francine Christiansen
                                      Douglas Hyland
                                      David Jepson
                                      Marian Kellner
                                      Melissa Macri
                                      Sibongile Magubane
                                      Nancy A. Porter
                                      Donna Stout                                                                                                                                                  Rosemarie Tate
                                      Roberta Woronow                                                                                                                                                  

Honorary Lifetime Directors

Tina Collias
Michelle Drain
Mike Fuss
Joanna Gerber, MD
Paul Grimmeisen
Victor Jarm *
Louis Lista
Marianne Lorenzo
Nancy Mixter
John Balf Morgan
Levette Perkins
Dave Peterson
Sali Riege
Eve Silvester
Lisa Silvestri
William Turull
Lina Wagner *
Kim Yarum
* deceased

Former Presidents/Chairs

Laura Berman
Mike Fuss
Garnette Johnson *
Helen Kaman *
Kathy Kraczkowsky
Charlie Ortiz
Dave Peterson 
Anne Pinto *
Lisa Silvestri
Lina Wagner *
Milton Young *
* deceased

Elizabeth Park Conservancy Ambassadors

Beverly Baker
David & Sandra Bobowski
Karen Byrne
Susan Clemow
Tina Collias
Halsey & Michele Cook
Brad & Lauren Drazen
Jared & Clare Edwards
Joanne Eudy
Ann Marie Fauliso
Ellen Flynn
Debbie Grazier
William Howard & Liz Kaplan
Susan Izard
Diana Jepsen
Annette Jervasi
Linda Kelly
Marcia Lazowski
Paddi LeShane
Beth Montgelas
Carole Mucha
Eileen Pollack                                                                                                                                          Pat Salner 
Sara Ellen Sargent
Lisa Silvestri
Jessica Stasulis
Donna Stout
Margaret Tilney
Mary Tulumaris
Connie Williams
Nancy Zwiener