Honor Someone Special

You can honor a special friend or family member, or acknowledge the passing of an important person in your life, by dedicating a rose bed or rose arch, bench, or tree. Your contribution is a beautiful way to mark life’s milestones while helping to preserve the Park.

Rose Bed and Rose Arch Dedications

The Conservancy offers several options in the Rose Garden dedication program. A small plaque with the name of the honoree is placed in the rose bed or at the base of the arch. The plaques are on view on an annual basis and are placed in springtime. One year is designated as June 1 to November of the same year.

While we attempt to honor requests for rose beds and arches, we cannot always assign specific ones when multi-year dedications are in place.

  • One-year Arch or Rose Bed Dedication: $150.00
  • Three-year Arch or Rose Bed Dedication: $400.00
  • Six-year Arch or Rose Bed Dedication: $800.00

Contact Kelly Nolen at knolen@elizabethparkct.org or 860-231-9443 ext. 106 for more information.

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Bench Dedications

The Elizabeth Park Conservancy started a bench dedication program in 1990 as a way for people to honor family and friends, and for the Park to install much-needed places for visitors to sit and rest. There are over 100 benches in the Park, and our visitors use them daily.

When you dedicate a bench, a personalized plaque is installed with your message for your honoree. If you live in the area, please stop by the Park to see the benches and samples of messages.

The donation for benches located outside the Rose Garden is $2,500. Bench Dedications are for a period of 10 years. You can review the Bench Dedication Policy and Application form by clicking the link below. 

THERE ARE CURRENTLY NO BENCHES AVAILABLE FOR DEDICATION. Call the office at 860-231-9443, ext. 106, or email knolen@elizabethparkct.org if you have any questions about Bench Dedications.

Tree Dedications

The Elizabeth Park Conservancy now offers the public the opportunity to dedicate trees. The Conservancy has planted several Serviceberry trees to form an allée along the new pedestrian entrance from Fern Street. Serviceberry trees are native to the northeast; they have beautiful white flowers in spring and colorful fall foliage.

The 10-year dedications are available for $2,500. Signage will be placed at the foot of the trees with the donor’s dedication message.

Dedicating a tree is a wonderful way to remember someone special, while funds from the dedication support the Elizabeth Park Conservancy in its work of caring for the trees and the gardens and grounds of Elizabeth Park.

Contact Kelly Nolen at knolen@elizabethparkct.org or 860-231-9443 ext. 106 for more information.

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