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Helen S Kaman Rose Garden

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    The Once and Future Wood by William Bryant Logan | Lecture, Lunch & Book Signing

    Join William Bryant Logan, faculty member at The New York Botanical Garden, for a presentation of the role of woodlands in our history. 

    Rose Pruning Clinics

    Rose Pruning Clinics in Elizabeth Park's Helen S Kaman Rose Garden.

    Food & Flower: Louis Lista of the Pond House & Sandra Lamo of A Special Place Floral Studio | Lecture & Lunch

    Sandra Lamo, owner of A Special Place Floral Studio, and Louis Lista, owner of the Pond House Café, will present a demonstration of unique spring floral arrangments that can incorporate and complement various food platters, including a crudité and an assorted chocolate dessert platter.

    Nature into Art: Lessons from the Gardens of Wave Hill by Thomas Christopher | Lecture, Lunch & Book Signing

    One of the last surviving estates in the five boroughs of New York, Wave Hill has developed over the last half-century into one of the foremost public gardens in the United States. Join author Thomas Christopher for a photographic tour of the Wave Hill gardens, and share in the many lessons these have to teach about designing and maintaining a more beautiful landscape.

    Tulip Garden Tours with Horticulturist Rosemary Aldridge

    Horticulturist Rosemary Aldridge will lead tours of the Robert A. Prill Tulip Garden on Tuesday, April 25, and Thursday, April 27.