Welcome to Elizabeth Park

Elizabeth Park is on the national register of historic places. Elizabeth Park offers just over one hundred acres of formal gardens, green space, recreational facilities, walking loops, and the Pond House Café. Come enjoy the beauty of the gardens and grounds. Bring your camera!

What to do here

Visitors can enjoy the formal gardens, green spaces, picnic areas, and recreational facilities in Elizabeth Park. Also, at various times throughout the year, the Elizabeth Park Conservancy presents special events, outdoor concerts, tours, lectures and garden workshops in the Park—many of them free to the public. Dining is available at the Pond House Café.

How to get here

Elizabeth Park has several entrances: one on Prospect Avenue and another on Asylum Avenue near the Hartford-West Hartford line. The address of the Elizabeth Park Conservancy is 1561 Asylum Avenue, West Hartford, CT.  Click below for directions.

Visiting hours

Elizabeth Park is open 365 days of the year, dawn to dusk, and is FREE to the public. There are no admission fees.

Support The Elizabeth Park Conservancy

The Elizabeth Park Conservancy is a nonprofit group that partners with the City of Hartford in, and contributes significantly to, the maintenance, preservation, and improvement of Elizabeth Park, with the Helen S Kaman Rose Garden as the centerpiece of these efforts. As a nonprofit, the Conservancy welcomes and relies on your support.

Upcoming Events

Helen S Kaman Rose Garden

Blooms from June to October

Charlie Ortiz Hosta Garden

Blooms from July to October

Heritage Rose Garden

Blooms early to mid-June

Sunrise Overlook and East Lawn

Scenic View

Julian and Edith Eddy Rock Garden

Peaks in late May; continues blooming into September

Perennial Garden

Blooms from early Spring to late Summer

Robert A. Prill Annual Garden

June to September; peaks in late August

Robert A. Prill Tulip Garden

Tulips in early Spring

Horticultural Gardens

Blooms in Summer