Rock Garden And Grotto in Elizabeth Park: a Work of Art

Spring is only a few months away. When you’re ready to take a pleasant walk and get outdoors, enjoy the artistically vibrant colors of spring, spend a few hours at this breathtaking rock garden at Elizabeth Park in Hartford.

January 24, 2024

Located in Elizabeth Park since 1914, the Julian and Edith Eddy Rock Garden aka the Shade Garden attracts hundreds of visitors every year who enjoy its peaceful ambiance.

This beautiful garden was originally designed under the Park Superintendent, George Parker, in 1911, and later fully refurbished in 2016. After showing signs of disrepair during the 1970s and 80s the Conservancy gardens were rearranged. During the following decades, stone walls, gravel pathways, and new plants were added.

Part of the charm of the Shade Garden is the sunken setting as you descend down the stairs from the Perennial Garden through an entryway guarded by large Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar trees. You will feel like you have descended into your own personal oasis.

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